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Jason’s booksigning event tonight was so fun.  It was held in the very cool Goodwin Library in Farmington, NH.  Tons of charm, and being that it’s probably the oldest and largest building in that small town, there was a ‘museum’ tucked away in a room downstairs.  Tons of historical artifacts, natural collections, and stacks of old books and photographs were on display.  We had a blast going through everything before his presentation, and I of course photographed some of the items that appealed me (read: I want them for my own collection).

A collection of amazingly intricate walnut carvings made by a man with one arm.  I am completely serious.

Shilling notes from 1775.  Awesome.

He’s much nicer about posing for pictures with strangers than with me.  Humph.

And I leave you with a good example of why you should remember to set your camera back to autofocus when you hand it over to a stranger.

Today I will remember as the day that, while killing a lunch hour at Barnes & Noble, I saw my husband’s book on the shelf for the first time.  There was no one with me, so unfortunately my enthusiasm had no place to land.  I’m sure I looked mad standing there smiling at his title on the shelf.  I mean,  I’d be proud if he was published for DIY Cardboard Birdhouses, but NO, he wrote a ridiculously cool book about everything grim, macabre, roadtrip-worthy, and just totally interesting in New England.  The New England Grimpendium.  

Oh, and it’s full of my photographs!  

Heck. Yes.