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Late Autumn, Charleston

I’m used to November being a gray, cold month.  Bare branches except a few orange leaves that refuse to fall, and a good chance of the year’s first snow.  November in Charleston was completely different.  It was bright foliage and crimson-bowed garland, yellow leaf-lined streets with no need for long sleeves.  Orange, yellow, red, and green…and more than enough sunshine to enjoy all of it.  I doubt I could survive a summer in South Carolina, but November…yes.


Autumn in a Savannah cemetery


A few images from our trip to Charleston and Savannah, ooohhh, 5 months ago.  Better late than never?  We only spent a morning in Savannah, stopping first at the Bonaventure Cemetery before visiting Flannery O’Connor’s childhood home (which Jason wrote about here.)  It was grey, quiet, completely empty, and I took too many pictures of red autumn leaves tangled with spanish moss.  Naturally.

Contax 645 | Portra 400